"My Heart Breaks for the children."


Early in the morning while praying, our founder Rev. Leslie Akin, received a vision of the Lord Jesus Christ holding out a piece of his heart to her. "I heard him say, 'children taking care of children" she said, her voice thick with emotion. "My heart breaks for the children."  

Later that year, she was invited to visit the grade school for career day, and on a whim asked the students how many of them went home to an empty house after school. "Almost 90% of them raised their hands", Rev. Leslie said, and thus Psalm 37:3 was born.

Psalm: 37:3 Louisiana started with faith and the mission to  create a safe, supportive, racially diverse space for children to learn and grow together after school and on the weekends. Our programs include LANDers and Young Artists Academy.



Our afterschool program for Elementary and Jr High latchkey kids teaching students about living off the land and other valuable life skills.

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Young Artists Academy

Our weekend classes devoted to training the talents that God has placed in our local children. Classes include dance, choir, french, pottery, and so many others!

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