Children matter; Each one is a unique gift from God, formed by God and known by God even before they were born. It breaks His heart when children have to take care of children. So, He birthed The LANDers — a place where children can be children nurtured by adults who love them. They are tutored, fed, and taught how to live Christ-like lives.


How can i help?

We invite you to support The LANDers by:

  • Enrolling a child in The LANDers
  • Donating to the LANDers
  • Providing a scholarship for a child
  • Teaching our precious LANDers a life lesson
  • Praying for The LANDers
  • Considering the possibility of implementing a LANDers program in your own church

Who we Are

Shin Shupe is our fearless leader! She is called by God and listens so intently. She has a heart for her community and the incredible kids involved in LANDers! 


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Follow our adventures on Facebook! We post where we will be, what we are doing, how our students have improved, even what farmers markets we will be selling at. We can't wait to see you!

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